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Nature is

the landscaped garden

of God!

Close your eyes and think of a flourish of greens around you, imagine your terrace gardens blooming a bouquet of flowers, your feet brushing against fine grass-beds, children playing with the soft grass sculptures, being around little reminders of Mother Nature...!

Now imagine if all of that could be a reality.

In 2004, landscape designer Rajeev Nijhara had an epiphany. Why is it that humans feel the need to surrounded by nature in their urban lives? The reason is that nature is a transcendent source of joy and wellness. Going out into nature soothes us and rejuvenates us. This is why we keep seeking and returning to the greens.

With this revelation, Green Up Gardens was born. Green Up begins where your imagination ends. We implement green renovations with signature innovations for your terrace gardens and landscape spaces. We aim to challenge all limits in space and cost; and bring in vibes filled with abundance and blossoms.

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